Data sheets TP hoses

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Ref  No.:Hose Type
Fittings ProgramHose Fittings and Ferrules
EF148 Hydraulic hose Textile braid EN855-R7
EF149 Hydraulic hose Aramid braid EN855-R8
EF194 Hydraulic hose Textile braid above SAE100 R18
EF301Sewer cleaning hose 175 bar/ 2500 PSI
EF302 Sewer cleaning hose 210 bar / 3000 PSI
EF303 / EF304 Sewer cleaning hose 280 bar / 4000 PSI
EF308NEW SewerJet high flexible 250 bar / 4000 PSI
EF320 / EF321 / EF322 Lubrication Grease Hose
EF326 / EF327 / EF328Beverage Dispensing Hose
EF334 Refrigeration
EF342Paint Spray Hose  1-steel wire braid
EF343Paint Spray Hose  2-steel wire braid
EF344 / EF345Paint Spray Hose  1or 2 synthetic fibre braid  conductive (ATEX)
EF346 Fabspritzschlauch mit Aramid 
EF347 Paint Spray Hose  Steel+Aramid
EF348 Hydraulic Hose  1-steel wire braid
EF349 Hydraulic Hose  2-steel wire braid
EF350 / EF351Hydraulic Hose up to 700bar /10000psi
EF352 Hydraulic Hose NC up to 700bar/ 10000psi
EF353 Hydraulic Hose  EN855-R8 / 2 Layer
EF354 / EF355 Micro Bore hose up to  630 Bar
EF392 Pilot Line Glide 120 Bar / 6000psi
EF324 / EF325conductive CNG Hose 
EF751Very High Pressure Hydraulic Lines 1040 bar. (safety factor 2,5:1)

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