Hydraulic hoses

Technical Properties 

  • thermoplastic hoses designed for Low and High working pressure 
  • Suitable for Hydraulic application with increased resistance to abrasion
  • High chemical resistance to almost all Chemicals, cleaners and solvents
  • Up to 50% lighter than comparable rubber hoses with small bending radius for
    maximum flow rate
  • For use with petroleum, synthetic or water based fluids in Hydraulic systems.
  • excelent resistance ageinest ozone, UV light and aging
  • small volumetric expantention 
  • Lower own flow resistance, and low Expansion under maximum operating pressure
  • Hydrolysis and microbes stabilized cover
  • High abrasion resistance of the cover
  • High pulse strength and durability
  • Arbeitstemperatur von -40° bis +90° C
  • For use with hydraulic oiles on water base max. bis 70°C

For gas applications, the hose must be pricked - thank you for specified requests.


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