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Water Jetting Hydraulic UHP Hoses

The UHP hose range includes a wide range of SPIRAL HOCHDRUCK hoses with 2 to 8 layers. This allows our hoses to reach working pressures up to 3.200 bar.

Specially designed high-strength steel fittings and special stainless steel "MADE IN GERMANY" are available in Nuremberg.

Pressure tests according to DIN EN ISO are performed on a calibrated hose test stand of the latest technology (test range up to 6.000 bar) in Nuremberg and certified by test certifications.

We can also carry out product training with a certificate for the people of approval in Nuremberg.

For further information on the structure and diameters of the various hose types, please refer to our current product catalog on this web side. 




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A joint venture between Polyhose and Japanese manufacturer Tofle, stainless steel flexible metallic hose has been manufactured to a high quality with a high performance rating.


With an EN ISO 10380 rating the stainless steel corrugated flexible hoses are available with or without stainless steel braiding.


The products internal diameters range from 6.3mm to 99.0mm and is supplied in coil lengths of 25m & 30m.



Flexible DUCTING HOSE (02/2019)

Ducting hose Range available since 2017

MARKETINFORMATION of our new product 

-- Flexible VAKUUM HOSES -- .

Following Types are available

- Standard  Type,
-  Medium   Type
-  Heav       Type

In addition to the standard program, you will also receive the series of "constant wall thicknesses" from our production program, the wall thickness remaining constant for all diameters of the hoses. We have highlighted these in the catalog with "C".


We can produce tubes up to 20 meters in length.


Tubes with internal diameters of up to 76 mm are supplied in standard wound coils. All hoses over ID 76 mm are delivered in a vacuum pack which compresses the hoses in the ratio 1: 3. So we saved considerable transport and storage space.


Example: - A 15 meter hose will be compressed to 5 meter coil - you figure AA




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