Name change from Exitflex GmbH to Polyhose Germany GmbH



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Today we may inform you that we have changed the name of our company. The new company name is:


The registered office of the company will remain unchanged in Nuremberg. Ownership as well as the company form, the commercial register number, address, telephone numbers, bank details and all contact persons remain unchanged.

The name change took place as part of the expansion of our international activities. It is not a change of law, so that - without further action being needed - all contractual relations remain unchanged.


We would like to ask you to pay attention to the new company name for all invoices etc.  from now on.


The restructuring will consolidate the foundations for continuing a successful business policy, thanks to close collaboration with you.

For our paint spray hoses, paint spray nozzles and paint spraying accessories we will keep the EXITFLEX brand and will continue to supply as before.

Hydraulic hoses made of plastic, rubber and PTFE as well as industrial hoses will supplied with our company brand POLYHOSE.

Private label products of both brands will made and supplied in well-known design and labelled, as made as before.

We are particularly grateful for the trust placed in us and continue to assure you that we are a reliable partners.

If you have any questions, we are always available.


Yours sincerely

Roland Theml

Managing Director and Shareholder


Water Jetting Hydraulic UHP Hoses

The UHP hose range includes a wide range of SPIRAL HOCHDRUCK hoses with 2 to 8 layers. This allows our hoses to reach working pressures up to 3.200 bar.

Specially designed high-strength steel fittings and special stainless steel "MADE IN GERMANY" are available in Nuremberg.

Pressure tests according to DIN EN ISO are performed on a calibrated hose test stand of the latest technology (test range up to 6.000 bar) in Nuremberg and certified by test certifications.

We can also carry out product training with a certificate for the people of approval in Nuremberg.

For further information on the structure and diameters of the various hose types, please refer to our current product catalog on this web side. 



Flexible DUCTING HOSE (01/2017)

Ducting hose Range 2017

MARKETINFORMATION of our new product 

-- Flexible VAKUUM HOSES -- .

Following Types are available

- Standard  Type,
-  Medium   Type
-  Heav       Type

In addition to the standard program, you will also receive the series of "constant wall thicknesses" from our production program, the wall thickness remaining constant for all diameters of the hoses. We have highlighted these in the catalog with "C".


We can produce tubes up to 20 meters in length.


Tubes with internal diameters of up to 76 mm are supplied in standard wound coils. All hoses over ID 76 mm are delivered in a vacuum pack which compresses the hoses in the ratio 1: 3. So we saved considerable transport and storage space.


Example: - A 15 meter hose will be compressed to 5 meter coil - you figure AA




High Flexible Sewer Jetting Hose up to W.P. 280 bar 08/2016

Brochüre zum Download

EXITFLEX and POLYHOSE introduce their new range of SEWER JETTING hoses.

In 2015 at the Hannover fair, EXITFLEX introduced and presented the UltraFlex SEWER Jetting hose already.

During the last two years, the hose has been thoroughly tested and constantly improved to the market requirements.

Today, we are proud to present you a mature, highly flexible SEWER JETTING hose.Weiter Infos entnehmen sie der Broschüre.

Please click on the picture or contact the sales office of Exitflex GmbH in Nuremberg.




Large Bore Industrial Rubbel Hose

Since October 2014, our new warehouse from Exitflex in Nuremberg is finished.

With approximately 2000 square meters warehouse space, it was especially designed an build to store our new INDUSTRIAL HOSES program. 

From 2015, now you can get get from Exitflex of Nuremberg, (a daughter of POLYHOSE India Group), highly flexible TP-Sewer-Jetting-Hoses  and lagre bore rubber industrial hoses from our own production..

Send us your request and we will preparing an special offer. 

PDF Catalogue for Down Load


  • Water Suction and Discharge hose 10 bar
  • Wasser Diacharge Hose 10 bar
  • Oil & Fuel  Suction and Discharge hose10 bar
  • Oil & Fuel Delivery Hose0 bar
  • Oil & Fuel Suction and Discharge hose 20 bar
  • Sand-Blast-Hose  12 bar
  • XLPE Chemical Suction and Discharge hose 16 bar 
  • EPDM Chemical Suction and Discharge hose 10 bar



The Special Hose for your Powder Coating Plant


By conveying of powder paint (plastic parts) caused by friction high electrical charges.  In conventional, non-conductive thermoplastic hoses can this create high voltage breakedowns (high-voltage flash). These undesirable adverse effects of the color powder and thereby counteract related to increased wear of the conveyor system, EXITFLEX has integrated two conductive lines into the powder hose as surge arrester.

High Demands

Fine powder added is in an electrically charged state, which is generated by internal friction of the rough inner surface of the tube during conveyance. However, this high static charge may not get to man or machine for safety reasons because of explosion if appropriate powder-air mixture is.


- Flexible; thus narrow bend radii are not a problem
- single lenght easy to cut and to create
- Color changes can carried out quickly and cleanly

- 100 % electrically dissipative ; no flashover
- Abrasion stabil and therefor long life time
- Easy to assambly; can be used directly
- High Transparency

 Send this link and ask for your special offer:


Exitflex TRIA Pro45 (NEW since March 2013)

Designed for spray guns from these manufacturers:

  • BinksTM 4400
  • GracoTM G40
  • KremlinTM MVX und XciteTM
  • Optima 2000TM - 2100 Series
  • WagnerTM  4600


Das TRIA Pro45 System wird als Kit, bestehend aus: Luftzerstäuber, AA-Wendedüse,  Luft- und
Materialdichtung, geliefert. Der Haltering für den Luftzerstäuber ist nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.
Hier verwenden Sie den Haltering Ihrer Spritzpistole.


DRY-FIT is a new generation fitting especially suitable with hose EN853-DIN20022, EN857
and thermoplastic and PTFE hoses. With hard working condition and even with great change
of temperature it warrant a perfect seal.        Download for fitting catalogue


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